Cinema-Maniac: Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2010) Review

Your wondering why i’ve even bother to review this movie if I hated the first two, it because I have a rule when it comes to reviewing every movie in a franchise. Unfortunately, this is also the worst, and I mean the worst franchise horror franchise i’ve ever seen.

The story is, and i’m making this up, after the Gingerdead Man escaped from jail, he finds himself in a time machine headed for 1976. He arrives in the middle of a roller-boogie contest? but the uninteresting party is just getting started for the infamous cookie killer. After taking in the sights of the beautiful roller girls, Gingerdead gets back to his old murderous ways, causing more boring bloody mayhem than ever before with some poorly done humor. Just like the first two, the acting is horrible.

To be honest, it’s like watching Epic Movie, it’s just reference after reference and it gets old way to fast. Bad dialogue, bad acting, bad CGI, unbearable story, poorly filmed, cheesy jokes, poor production value, and I could keep listing on what else sucks about this movie, but you get the point.

The Gingerdead Man franchise is one of the most baffling franchise in horror history and I had the displeasure of watching every second of it. These are, without a doubt, the worst horror horror franchise ever made.


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