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Cinema-Maniac: The Killer (1989) Review

Now going into The Killer I expected a good movie considering it’s a movie with Chow Yun-Fat movie directed by John Woo. Like any other Chow Yun-Fat and John Woo collaboration, the movie ended up being great.

A disillusioned assassin (Chow Yun-Fat) accepts one last hit in hopes of using his earnings to restore vision to a singer he accidentally blinded, only to be double-crossed by his boss. I found the story to be well paced, but some will probably complain how it’s not evenly spaced out between action and drama, but they won’t mind it once the movie shift into full gear and delivers the goods on it story. The story is masterfully told in my opinion and doesn’t suffer from having to much action either. Even though I saw the dubbed version, I can tell you the movie still had some great lines. I got more into the story when it showed that our killer was sympathetic and caring giving him depth instead of just making him look like a cold heartless killer like other movies.

The action is nothing short of spectacular as you would expect with any movie directed by John Woo. It’s beautiful to watch, it’s intense, it’s enjoyable, and has a purpose with the story. I have to praise to Woo for his good camera work in this movie and writing what I consider to be one of the best action movie ever made. Beside the acting, I want praise the music in the movie, while it may pass viewers as they get entertain by what they see, I want to say that adds to the greatness and entertainment value for this movie.

The Killer is amazing experience I would recommend for anyone. It’s a great action movie that delivers the goods on the story with some of the best action sequences ever filmed. The Killer is by far one of the greatest action movie i’ve ever seen.


Cinema-Maniac: Kerd ma lui (Born to Fight) (2004) Review

I’ve seen many Action movies, both good and bad, but i’ve never seen anything like this movie.

A group of athletes helping a poor village must stop an evil tyrant and his men from terrorizing the village. One thing about this movie I think everybody will complain about is that the story is just a story in this movie. It never fully develops, the character development is barely passable, and doesn’t exactly add any emotional weight to the movie. Though the only thing good about the story is that it gives a solid motivation of the heroes to do there thing and save the day, but it doesn’t completely feels like it. The story really hurts this movie, it could have been better.

The action is entertaining, despite what the movie the title there’s actually a lack of actual fighting. It should have been called Born To Shoot since there is more shooting. While found the action in this movie in the slightly above average category which sucks because the last action scene has some amazing stunt-work. Considering the DVD case says from the creators of Ong Bak and The Protector I expected the same level of action, but it’s better than The Protector, but it’s not as good as Ong Bak, this fits in the middle of those two.

Born To Fight isn’t a bad thanks to the story-line giving our heroes a good purpose to fight the terrorists. As an action fan you’ll be disappointed as I was mainly because of the plot, if care for plot, the action won’t exactly satisfy you until the final action scene. All in all, it’s not a bad movie, but it fails to better than it should have.


Cinema-Maniac: Ninja Assassin (2009) Review

I think we all have our own ways of telling when a movie is going to be bad, but I think we can all agree anything with Ninja in the title is most likely going to be bad.

The plot summary, which I copied from IMDb because apparently it has one, but you wouldn’t know from how poorly it was told. A young ninja turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan. Oh that was the story of the movie, still doesn’t explain why these Ninjas have superpowers.

Now to be fair, no one watches this movie for the story which apparently it has, they want action from this movie. The action unfortunately sucks too, I think because the overuse of CGI in the battle sequences and the fact that some action scenes are poorly lit to truly enjoy. I will say it will satisfy any Ninja lover, but it will leave you wanting a better written sequences. The only redeeming value is that it was actually watchable, other than that it’s not something I would recommend.

Ninja Assassins suffers from a poorly told story and unspectacular action sequences that makes the whole movie a waste of time. Ninja Assassins is just another movie on a long list of Ninja movies that suck.


Cinema-Maniac: On Deadly Ground (1994) Review

Steven Seagal, just like many stars in his time, set back American movie back because they played invincible characters that took away any of the excitement we want in a action movie. On Deadly Ground delivers nothing from the action that people like in a Steven Seagal movie and is just another joke in his career.

Steven Seagal plays, and i’m making this up, a martial artist/environmental agent who takes on a ruthless oil corporation. I know story is mostly a Seagal movie weak point, but did the writers have nothing in mind besides extending every scene longer than it needs to be. The movie also has some pointless scene like the vision scene which just add an extra layer of badness to the movie. I haven’t watched a more poorly written story developed since I saw BKO: Bangkok Knockout.

I never found Steven Seagal to be a bad-ass for numerous reasons, one being is that he barely or never get hit at all in his movies. Second being he can’t act as everyone knows, so I find no reason to root for him as a hero in any movie. Third, he always plays a tough guy which makes us wonder if he’s badly acting the main character over and over. The only redeeming value are shots of the mountain in the beginning of the movie.

I never like Steven Seagal to begin with, nothing against him personally, it just his awful movies that I don’t like. To think what started as man being used in a bet ended with Steven Seagal being the most boring action star we’ll ever have.


Cinema-Maniac: Dr. No (1962) Review

James Bond is undoubtedly the world most famous spy, for good reason too. With Sean Connery introducing to the character who wouldn’t want more to see Bond movies.

James Bond’s investigation of a missing colleague in Jamaica leads him to the island of the mysterious Dr. No and a scheme to end the US space program. All without any gadgets, I thought a Bond movie without the gadgets wouldn’t be as entertaining, I was wrong. The story actually gets more intelligent as it progress and adds a sense of realism that some of the more recent outing lack.

Sean Connery performance is just perfect in this, he captures Bond effortlessly which is why no doubt he’s still one of the best Bond. What it lack was the thrills and action that Bond movies generally provide, while the more realistic approach works for the story, the movie is without thrills and exciting action. Still, that not enough to ruin the film for you.

Sean Connery first outing as Bond is no doubt memorable. If you’re a fan of the current Bond, you’ll be disappointment in terms of action, but everything won’t be.


Cinema-Maniac: The Expendables (2010) Review

First to begin with, i’m a huge action fan and I know great action movies when I see them. This is not one of them, unfortunately, I have to blame the cast for this. Most of these actors can’t even speak English properly, especially Dolph Lundgren. Now going into this movie I didn’t expect much from the story, Stallone can’t write a good story let alone write a good action sequence. It’s such a huge let down given the great talent of Stallone, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, and even Terry Crew presence were wasted.

I’m not going to be completely harsh on this in terms of action as John Woo classic Hard Boiled and Gareth H. Evan Indonesian martial art movie The Raid (2011) prove America is behind in this category. So why does it have a 40%, because Jet Li and Terry Crew proved they should have been the stars. Jet Li is the only action star in this movie that was both likable and kick-ass at the same time. Even Terry Crew from Everybody Hates Chris was more fun to watch then Stallone fighting Steve Austin, it’s ashamed he’s not in the movie much.

So how was the action, in American standard it was nothing spectacular considering Willis’s in the Die Hard franchise and Stallone’s Rambo franchise. Now if I compared The Expendables to foreign movies it would just be completely unfair, but i’ll do it anyways considering the cast of action stars. My personal favorite Police Story 3: Supercop (or just Supercop in America) was better in terms of action because there was plenty of it and it was all real (except of the death of course). Jackie Chan alone in this classic proves he has more balls than the entire cast of The Expendables as he literally hangs on to a helicopter for several minutes, hundred of feet in the air. Before I start comparing The Expendables to superior movie and start repeating myself how much the action suck, i’ll suggest this if you got some time, but if you want a good action movie I recommend Ip Man 1 & 2, Supercop, Hard Boiled, and The Raid (2011).