Minor update

As the title says. Basically, my job is starting to pick again, and going to be slightly more busy than usual offline. What do I do exactly? I basically work in food processing, and make sure product that gets shipped out is consumable more or less. There’s some heavy lifting, and some paper work involve, but that’s the gist of it. So, the usual movie review posts for this week that would go up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday won’t happen. I’ll be working more weekends, and I’ll have less time to juggle my job, social life, and blogging.

I do have movie review drafts I’m working on, but none of them are close to being completed. In particular, the big four (as I’m referring to them) I don’t want to rush completion. I blame my own laziness for this, and therefore going to use this week, and hopefully next week to finish a few of them on time to post. The usual anime posts for Tuesday, and Thursday will still go up. The Tuesday one is already done, but the Thursday one is not. Aside from probably being delayed til Friday, there will be two anime related posts this week. The reason is simple, my anime content is barren! I shall fix that….slowly.

Also, it’s an excuse to watch more stuff. In terms of watching, didn’t see much anime, or movies. So, I’m getting onto that. I know, I must struggle to sit back, watch something, sit, and type! Oh the humanity! I shall aim to return to the regular posting schedule by the end of next week. If I can’t, I’ll post another update. So everyone reading this, take care, and see you when I come up with a more original closing line.

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