Cinema-Maniac: Ninja Assassin (2009) Review

I think we all have our own ways of telling when a movie is going to be bad, but I think we can all agree anything with Ninja in the title is most likely going to be bad.

The plot summary, which I copied from IMDb because apparently it has one, but you wouldn’t know from how poorly it was told. A young ninja turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan. Oh that was the story of the movie, still doesn’t explain why these Ninjas have superpowers.

Now to be fair, no one watches this movie for the story which apparently it has, they want action from this movie. The action unfortunately sucks too, I think because the overuse of CGI in the battle sequences and the fact that some action scenes are poorly lit to truly enjoy. I will say it will satisfy any Ninja lover, but it will leave you wanting a better written sequences. The only redeeming value is that it was actually watchable, other than that it’s not something I would recommend.

Ninja Assassins suffers from a poorly told story and unspectacular action sequences that makes the whole movie a waste of time. Ninja Assassins is just another movie on a long list of Ninja movies that suck.


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