Cinema-Maniac: Duck Season (Temporada de patos) (2004)

Usually when comes to the TOMATOMETER rating it’s mostly correct. Unfortunately, the critics don’t always get it right, that the case with Duck Season.

Now watching a movie about two boring teenagers in a apartment with nothing to do is boring. While there might be some enjoyable moment, it feels like a movie of “filler”. It not entirely bad, the actors do a good job on acting what the audience is thinking while watching this, bored.

I admire it being in black & white since it’s rare to see a movie in that format being made in modern time. To bad it’s not a good movie as I felt the story didn’t have enough material to keep me engage and made me consider turning it off. Unfortunately, the film few good moments are short and we the set throughout the whole movie. While the film 12 Angry Man also mostly took place in one set, it had enough material and a strong cast to keep us entertain unlike Duck Season.

Duck Season, may I say, is a over-rated movie that makes me wonder if these critics were paid to write good reviews for this bore fest. Now while it nice to have a slow pace movie like this in this day and age, it suffers from lack of materials, any interesting actor, and is overall a poorly made movie.


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