Cinema-Maniac: BKO: Bangkok Knockout (2010) Review

BKO: Bangkok Knockout is a Thailand action movie that would’ve put Thailand action movie on top of China action movies. Unfortunately great choreograph fights can’t make up for the terrible story and bad acting.

BKO: Bangkok Knockout doesn’t have much of a story, it’s simply a martial art team wins a tournament to go to Hollywood, but are kidnapped and have to fight for their lives in some building. That’s pretty much it, even the twists aren’t even worth noting or how the main villain gets away. The story is does not get any better or have any emotional value to it.

The action on the other hand is superb. Everyone of the action sequences are well done, though I found the climax a minor disappointment, are thrilling to watch. You won’t believe some of the crazy stunts that are in this movie. It’s great, unfortunately some of these actors can’t act. It’s sometime unbearable to watch this movie when no ones fighting on screen. It’s a shame that all the great action sequences in this movie have a poorly written story behind it. If you want to watch this, skip to the action because it’s the only good thing about this movie.

BKO: Bangkok Knockout is a Thailand martial art film with it only redeeming value being the action. What could’ve been one of the greatest martial art film is held back by a terrible story and bad acting.


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