Cinema-Maniac: Prom Night (2008) Review

Ah, what can I say about Prom Night that hasn’t been said. It’s a watchable movie, that’s both new and 100% false. In what world did these people think they were scary or appealing too when this cliche “horror” movie was made.

What can I say about the awful and non intense story line, nothing interesting about it at all. I’ve seen the Friday the 13Th movies, which i’m force to watch at Halloween parties, even those movies have some redeeming value. Trying to explain why this movie story line was un-suspenseful and boring is like trying to make an Onion cry.

What about the cast, it’s like watching the world slowest train wreck for two hours. They can’t act let alone get our attention. Now I owned the DVD, which I got as a present, and I can tell you the extras are a piece of trash and a watse of your time. Is there any redeeming value, no.

There more, unlike Jaws which masterfully uses the haunting music to keep us in the edge of our seat, the soundtrack usage here gives away any suspense. One thing I complain about horror movie is that there to much blood in that genre, but in Prom Night, my complaint is that there is a lack blood. This movie is the reason why the horror genre is dying slowly and painfully,and unfortunately there many more like this.

Did this even need to be remade, because I never heard anyone talk about the original. In the end, it’s a movie that most likely wouldn’t even be found in a 99 cent store and will forever be lost in obscurity.


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